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Fado Night

Yes, yes, we are doing the traditional Fado Nights. Every Tuesdays at 19:30. Reservation mandatory (282 770 079). Someone wrote:"Fado, the Portuguese Soul
Fado, a shawl, a guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion. These are the ingredients of Fado, the celebrated form of world music that captures what it is to be Portuguese.
Inspiration for Fado can come from almost any source. Although there are predominance of themes like: destiny, deep-seated feelings, disappointments in love, the sense of sadness and longing for someone who has gone away, misfortune, the ups and downs of life, the sea, the life of sailors and fishermen, and last but not least “Saudade” (one of the main themes used in fado, that means a kind of longing).
Fado is probably the oldest urban folk music in the world and represents the heart of the Portuguese soul, and for that matter fado performance is not successful if an audience is not moved to tears.
Fado cannot be explained; it must be felt and experienced "